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Keeping Cool With a Central Air Conditioner in Arizona

Going back to the prehistoric days, a central air conditioner took the form of early man using snow and ice to cool themselves. During the late 17th century, harvesting ice during winter and storing for use in the summer became popular. In early Egypt, moistened reeds were hung from the windows and as the wind blew through them, it would cool the air in their desert homes. Ancient Rome is known for circulating water through the walls of the wealthier home owners which cooled the interior of the home.

So, it’s safe to say the concept of trying to stay cool is not something new to the 19th and 20th centuries and the methods to effectively use central air conditioners have vastly improved over the years. With the advances during the 19th century in chemistry, the first electrical air conditioner was invented by Willis Carrier. It was this invention that helped make the move to the west possible so people could settle in hotter states. His invention has gone on to become one of the best-known air conditioner brands on the market. Ask practically anybody what a Carrier is and they will tell you it’s an air conditioner. That’s the type of branding that endures.

When the first commercially available air conditioners were first sold to the public in the early 1900’s, they used toxic and sometimes flammable gases include ammonia and propane. Because the technology was new, this sometimes resulted in fatal gas leaks. It is Thomas Midgley, Jr who is credited for creating the first non-flammable and non-toxic coolant called Freon. The numbers in the letters such as R-22 or R-134A designate the molecular composition of the gas. R-22 is being phased out and R-410a is taking its place as the more environmentally friendly gas.

In hot climate cities, the use of a central air conditioner is a must. Phoenix during the summer months can get well above the 110-degree mark and not having a central air system to keep cool can be very uncomfortable.

Typically, a person does not pay attention to their AC unit until there is a problem and it usually happens in the middle of the summer when losing the AC system can cause a panic. For this reason, a call is made, and an AC company comes out. If you’re lucky, it can be repaired. If, however it’s an older system and there is no saving it, depending on the company you can get a new AC unit quote over $15000. The quotes will vary widely depending on the time of year and who you are calling.

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Keeping Cool With a Central Air Conditioner in Arizona
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