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Don’t be fooled by the cool weather!

Don’t let the cool weather we are currently experiencing in Phoenix fool you. The summer heat is just around the corner and if you have an older AC system you might want to consider having it replaced before the full force of summer hits.

AC Units older than 10 years are not as efficient as the newer models. 10 years ago, lower SEER standards were in effect, so most systems installed where not above 14 SEER unless you paid a premium for it. Also, chances are the older systems use the now discontinued R22 refrigerant so if your system needs a repair that requires recharging the coolant, which you will now pay top dollar for.

15 and 20-year-old systems are living on borrowed time. As the years go on, it will require more frequent repairs to keep the system running until eventually the entire system goes out. If that happens in the middle of summer which it seems most of the time it does, then you will be in a mad scramble to try and have it replaced and mostly likely will end over paying if you use one of larger name AC companies in the valley.

Another indicator for having your AC replaced is if you have steadily seen your summer utility bill increase each year. As the systems age they become less efficient and require more power to keep you house cool thus causing your utility bill to rise each month.

The newer systems such and Goodman or Day & Night will last a good 10 to 15 years depending on the conditions it has been maintained. Regularly changing your filter and having yearly tune-ups will extend the life of your Central Air system.

At, we’ve made it easy getting a real quote without having to submit any information about yourself other than your house size and existing system. Once you have your quote that includes installation, you can pay for it online and then be contacted within hours of the purchase to setup an installation time. Our licensed and bonded AC technicians will double check your order on arrival to assure that the correct parts were ordered, and that the unit is accessible or won’t need any other additional elements to allow for a smooth install.

Don’t be fooled by the cool weather!
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