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How did start? started because our founder had a horrible experience when it was time to replace an Air Conditioning unit in his own home. After calling a variety of contractors, most didn’t even bother to call him back. Of the two that did, neither would provide an over the phone quote – not even a rough estimate. Finally, he received two bids, one for $9000 and one for more nearly $15,000! Almost double for a similar AC unit. He knew that couldn’t be right and that there must be a better way to purchase heating and air conditioning units for both home and commercial needs. He shopped and shopped for days until he finally got the unit for $5,800 installed. How could the pricing vary so much from contractor to contractor for the same type of unit? And it took a lot of work to finally find a way to get a competitive price for an AC unit installed. He was left wondering how can they operate with such inconsistent and often poor customer service?

As it turns out this seems to be the norm and not the exception for anyone that is trying to get a competitive price and quality service on the purchase of a new AC and/or heating unit. So, he started as a better way for you to shop, purchase and finance your air conditioning or heating unit…keeping YOU in control with top quality customer service.

What makes you different from other Air Conditioning companies? is very different from other air conditioning companies in a number of ways because we want our customers to be in control of their air conditioning purchase process. Our owner had his own bad experience in buying a replacement AC unit and decided to help others avoid that frustration. That’s why we’ve accessed wholesale pricing and top-notch certified installers. We also created our website so that those who want to can complete their entire process online. However, we know that’s not a fit for everyone. So, our customer service includes online chat and in-person phone calls with our AC Specialists for as much or as little ‘no-pressure’ help as you want. gives the customer the best of both worlds; competitive pricing, AC specialists to help you with purchasing, along with installation performed by top-notch certified installers from your area.

Why are your prices so low?

You may already know this but calling around to air conditioning contractors in your local area can mean getting estimates that vary by thousands of dollars and that’s if they even call you back. At, we are available and can offer prices over 50% less because we negotiate for amazing wholesale prices. Then, we skip all the markup so many companies add on and pass that pricing benefit directly to you, our customers.

How does buying an AC and/or heating unit with work?

There are just a few easy steps to go from selection to purchase to installation for your new air conditioning or heating unit. At, we’ve streamlined the process, so you can complete your entire purchase online Or, you can call our customer service and AC counselor team at any time to help you walk through the process of selecting the correct unit for your home. No matter how you prefer to shop and buy, is here to help you. There’s more information on our How It Works page, but here’s a quick snapshot of our easy steps:

  1. Click Get An Instant Online Quote here or on our home page to get started by answering a few simple questions.
  2. You’ll be prompted to select your system type, energy source  and unit size for your needs. Don’t worry, there are explanations and information to help you make the right choices, and you can always call our customer service or the online chat option for any questions you may have. Plus, our professional, certified installers will double check everything before installing your AC or heating unit.
  3. After you’ve answered those few questions, you’ll be able to select from the recommended equipment choices that fit your specifications. Then, you simply add the until to your shopping cart like any other online purchase. 
  4. Talk with your local installer, who will contact you within 3 working hours to schedule your appointment and take care of the installation part of your purchase. Rest assured, then has vetted the top local installers for your area to handle your initial inspection and complete the installation.

That’s it. Enjoy your new AC or heating system and know you got the best of all worlds; the best pricing and customer service combined with licensed, vetted top rated installers.

How do I pay for my unit?

Just like any online purchase, you’ll have options when you go to checkout on the website. You can use our secure payment portal with a credit card or PayPal account to purchase your new AC or heating unit. 

Are there hidden fees?
Remember, at, our goal is to keep you, our customer, in control. That means that you know the price of your air conditioning or heating unit, including installation, before you make any payment. No one likes to be surprised with unexpected costs or hidden fees…so what you see is what you pay.

You pay for your unit online including the installation charge.

Your contractor may make suggestions to enhance your system, but YOU decide if that’s right for you and your budget!  After your initial inspection, the installer will let you know if there are any potential additional charges, but typically there should not be any.

How fast can I get my unit installed?
Once again, helps you stay in control. As soon as your purchase is complete, your local contractor is notified and will call you to schedule your installation at your convenience. You can expect to hear from them in about 3 business hours to set up your onsite inspection, confirm your purchase is right for your needs and then schedule an agreed upon installation date with you.

On the rare occasions an installation requires structural changes to a residence or other difficult installation scenarios, there may be a delay in completing your project. This would be confirmed during your FREE onsite inspection with your installer.

Who does the unit installations? has vetted the top local installers for your area to handle your initial inspection and complete the installation. This gives you the best of all worlds; the best pricing, and customer service combined with licensed, vetted top rated installers. And, you don’t have to leave a message and hope someone returns your call. Our professional installers reach out to you within 3 business hours of your completed purchase.

How do I determine the right unit for my home or commercial needs?

Our simple Get A Quote process walks you through every step of selecting the right air conditioning or heating unit for your home or commercial site.

It starts with selecting your system type, which is either a Split System (having equipment both inside and outside your home or office) or a Packaged unit (having units outside – on the ground or rooftop).

Then you tell us about your energy source and whether you use gas or electric for your heating source.

Finally, you select the unit size you need. If you’re replacing a unit or units, just look at what size you already have and order the same size. If you’re dealing with a new unit, or needing a larger unit, just use our simple chart to confirm the ideal unit size (tonnage) based on how many square feet you’re covering. Some larger areas will require multiple units, but it’s just a matter of knowing the total square footage.

For more details on unit size, check out How It Works or reach out to one of our AC specialists to get  help with each step. Call us at 520-444-8139.

How do I know I made the right AC Unit choice?

Buying something as important as in air conditioning or heating unit can be scary. You want to be sure you’ve ordered the right unit for your home or office, right? Well, has your back. First, remember you can reach out to us and speak to an AC specialist who will offer no pressure advice and input throughout the entire process. And, BEFORE your unit is installed, our vetted installer does a FREE pre-install onsite inspection to ensure the unit you purchased is the right one for you! If any adjustments are needed, they will work that out with you during the inspection. And, you approve any changes – that means you stay in control.

Does my new AC Unit come with a warranty? makes sure your air conditioning or heating unit is covered. By certifying our installers are fully vetted and licensed, we can ensure the full manufacturer’s warranty is valid, as well as the required workmanship warranty in your State where the unit is installed.
What is a SEER Rating?
SEER – or Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio – is a measure of seasonal or annual efficiency of a central air conditioner or air conditioning heat pump. The higher the SEER, the more efficient the unit. The more efficient the unit, the lower the operating cost. The U.S. Government’s minimum SEER rating is 14.
Why do I Need an AHRI Certificate for my unit?
You want to be sure your air conditioning or heating unit runs efficiently. AHRI – The Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration Institute – is a globally recognized organization that tests cooling and heating units to confirm their efficiency. Having an AHRI certificate guarantees your until has met current testing standards. If you need to obtain your AHRI Certificate, visit their website:
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