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Five Reasons Not to Service Your Air Conditioner

Five Reasons for San Tan Arizona Residents to NOT Service Their Air Conditioner

Look, you’re busy, right? Who has time to take care of your air conditioning system. I mean it works today, so why worry? Doesn’t that phrase go something like “Why do today what you can put off until tomorrow?” Here are a few reasons to ignore your AC Unit. And, yes, in case anyone is worried, we’re just kidding and having a little fun. Okay, back to our list:

1. It’s New and Shouldn’t Need Service

Isn’t it annoying that you are expected to take care of something you just bought? If it’s that poorly made, who needs it. And, while you’re at it – don’t fill out and send in that registration and warranty card!

2. Dust Always Returns

Who needs to dust and clean the coils…they’ll just get dirty again like the dust on your knick-knacks and picture frames. Besides, won’t some of that dirt protect the coils?

3. Leaks Will Dry Up on Their Own

Okay, so maybe there’s a little leak somewhere, but in the San Tan Arizona’s arid climate, it will quickly dry up on its own.

4. It was Fine the Last Time You Checked

You cannot be bothered to regularly check your AC Unit, you’ve got other things to do. And, it was just fine when you checked it six months ago…or was that 12 months?

5. You Can Always Get It Repaired

What’s the worst that could happen? So, there’s a bit of a leak and you’re low on refrigerant or the compressor is overheating, so what? You can just call the HVAC repair company and they’ll be right out. Nothing every happens at the worst time and service people are always available to come right over, aren’t they?

All kidding aside, a little bit of regular maintenance can go a long way to extending the life of your central air system and ensuring it’s always working at top efficiency. Clean it up, dust it off, reseal and check fluid levels…it doesn’t take long to save you money. And, if you discover something beyond your skill set, call that HVAC pro now and schedule a service appointment.

Not sure who you can rely on to service your central air system? Contact and speak to one of our AC Care Specialists. They will help you determine the best options for you and connect you with a reliable technician in the San Tan area to inspect your system.

Five Reasons Not to Service Your Air Conditioner
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