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Five Signs Your AC is about to Fail in the Tempe, AZ Heat

Whether we like it or not, at some point all appliances need maintenance, repair, and unfortunately, sometimes have to be replaced. And, when it comes to living in Tempe, Arizona, there’s just no good time for your central air system to fail. Even with regular maintenance failure can happen, but the sooner you know you have a problem the faster you can get it fixed. Here are five signs that your AC unit is having problems:

It’s Too Hot

The first and most obvious sign that something might not be working up to par is that your home feels warmer than usual…even though the AC unit is running. If you check the vents and the air coming out is not as cool as you think it should be, it likely means you have a refrigerant leak. You’ll want to have a HVAC professional repair the leak sooner rather than later, so you lose as little refrigerant as possible.

It’s Too Loud

Anytime your AC unit makes atypical loud or unusual noises…that’s an indicator of potential problems. Those squeaking, squealing, grinding sounds may mean something is loose, broken, cracked or otherwise in bad condition. And, with every whir and bang, you AC unit could be getter further damaged. Don’t delay calling a pro! Hopefully, it’s only a minor repair but putting it off could lead to major costs.

It’s Turning Off

If your system keeps tripping your breaker and losing power, it could be your compressor is having to work too hard to do the job. If it happens just once, it may be a fluke. However, if it happens frequently, call your HVAC service professional to check your compressor.

It’s Not Blowing Air

Once again, you’ll notice that your home isn’t as cool as you expect it to be. But, instead of blowing warmer air, there’s nothing coming out of your vents at all! The easy reason (and we all hope for easy) is that something is blocking or clogging the vents or air filter. That’s just a cleaning issue. The not-so-easy reason means your compressor is probably failing, and that means you need to schedule a service call with your AC specialist.

It’s Leaking

Of course you will have some water in the drain pan that will evaporate or drain, that’s how your central air system works. However, if you notice liquid dripping out from any other location, that could mean a broken pipe or gasket. Not only can this be a costly repair, but if it’s your freon (refrigerant) you’re dealing with a hazardous material and you need to call your HVAC service professional check it out as soon as possible.

As with any appliance, if you practice regular maintenance you’ll likely notice any of these signs before they become a major problem. However, getting the best service for your central air system is vital. If you have questions on who to call in Tempe, AZ or find yourself in the market for a new AC unit, can help. Plus, we can save you thousands over most dealers. Our AC specialists are ready to help you 24/7.

Five Signs Your AC is about to Fail in the Tempe, AZ Heat


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