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Four Easy Ways to Prepare Your Catalina Foothills Home for Winter

Even in the desert climate of Catalina Foothills, as the weather turns cooler, home owners need to think about preparing for winter. It’s true that most of the weather-related conversations focus on keeping your home cool in the summer and making sure your central air system is humming along. However, there are things you should do for those cooler nights.
Many homes in the Cataline Foothills have outdoor space that have large windows or sliders, so residents can enjoy that wonderful indoor/outdoor living. But, as the sun sets earlier, and the temperatures drop, you need to check on a few things to ensure your winter is as comfortable as your summer.

Here are four things that you can do that are easy and affordable.

1. Check your doors for a tight seal. The arid climate in Arizona can dry out rubber seals and weather stripping faster than in many other areas of the country. So, it’s a great idea to check all your doors – especially if you’ve had them open a lot in the summer sun. Good weather stripping offers a bit of resistance when you open and close your doors. If you don’t have that…check to see if your stripping is dry or damaged. New weather stripping can be purchased at home hardware stores – and it’s not too expensive!

2. Close Up Your Windows. Much like the doors you may have had opened, chances are that you’ve had windows open into early fall to enjoy a nice breeze and to give your AC unit a break. But, now is the time to check every window to be sure it’s shut and latched. This is a good safety check as well. By the way, if you notice any of your windows have a bit of a draft, a simple piece of cloth laid on the base of the window frame should fix it. Nothing too thick, but just enough to tighten up that gap when you close the window. Your rag pile probably has what you need at no cost. And, you can save money on your heating bill too!

3. Fold up awnings and umbrellas. Those retractable awnings and shade umbrellas helped you cut some heat and sun during the warmer months. But, it’s not a bad idea to fold them up and put them away for the winter. If you have windy weather or more moisture (whether rain or snow), you’ll extend the life of them by not exposing them. And, they’ll be ready to come back out in the spring and summer to offer shade and keep your air conditioning system from having to work so hard.

4. Check your Central Air System. Most residents of Catalina Foothills do a great job of checking their HVAC system in the summer, but winter maintenance can get overlooked. Most of the time it can be a quick DIY project of checking for dirt and debris and changing the filter. However, if you want to be sure your furnace is ready to go, it’s not a bad idea for a service call from a professional HVAC contractor. It’s cheaper to have them out before there’s a problem because the busier they get the harder it is to get on the schedule and the more it might cost you.
Are you ready to schedule a maintenance call but aren’t sure who’s trustworthy? can help you find a reliable and professional contractor. Just give us a call at 520-444-8139 or visit our website for an online chat. With just a few easy and affordable steps, we can have you ready for a cozy winter.

Four Easy Ways to Prepare Your Catalina Foothills Home for Winter
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