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AC Unit in Avondale Arizona

There probably aren’t many residents of Avondale, Arizona who don’t value their health and their income. That’s why learning ways to ensure you and your family stay healthy and save more money are valuable. While there are lots of ways to improve heath and increase wealth, there is one thing you probably already have in your Avondale home that can help. What is it? Your home air conditioning system!

Let’s take a look at the important role your AC Unit plays.

Hero to Your Health

If you’ve lived in Avondale for any length of time, you’ve heard of ‘the Arizona Nose’. When you bring together a desert climate and early spring time weather combined with lots of imported plants and greenery blooming, you have what allergists might call the perfect storm for seasonal allergies. You’re likely all too familiar with the symptoms of the Arizona Nose that include a never-ending headache, runny nose, congestion and sinus drainage.

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Your central air system can help keep those symptoms at bay by filtering the air you breathe in your home. The simple step of ensuring you have a good HEPA filter in your system can help clear out the pollen, dust, dander and debris that aggravates your eyes, nose and throat. Granted, your AC Unit cannot keep things from blooming, but if you keep doors and windows closed during the worst apart of allergy season, your air conditioning will help you breathe easy.

Warrior for Your Wallet

You’ve got to run your AC Unit, especially during the 4-5 months of late spring through early fall when temperatures range from the high 90s to over 100 degrees. But, keeping your home cool and comfortable can put a strain on your wallet. There are some smart moves you can make to keep costs under control and actually save money on your energy bill.

Saving money starts with general and regular maintenance of your HVAC system. Whatever system you have will run better if you change the filters twice a year, clean out dusty duct work, check for leaks and clean up debris and dirt around your compressor. But, if you discover your system can no longer run efficiently, it’s time to look for an air conditioning system replacement. And, chances are that means you can purchase a replacement that is more energy efficient and eco-friendly than your current unit.

These newer AC systems help regulate your home’s temperature with smart technologies that adapt as the temperature fluctuates throughout the day. And they are designed to use less energy or fuel and have a longer life than some older models. That means it costs less to run and run longer! Plus, they produce less carbon emissions, so you’re also helping the environment.

Now, don’t you feel wiser?

If you are looking for a qualified HVAC professional to assess your current air conditioning system, can help. Visit our website or contact one of your AC Specialists (available 24/7) for answers to all of your AC questions.

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AC Unit in Avondale Arizona


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