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Moving to a home or office with no air conditioning?   Having to replace an AC unit that stopped working?

No matter your situation, offers a new and amazing way to buy AC that fits your needs. is improving the way you buy air conditioning units…making affordable AC or heating units easier to select and have installed. And, we can save you thousands of dollars! Plus, we have real people you can talk to at any time throughout the process.


Step One – Select your system
There are two types of AC unit systems. The Package System includes both the condenser and the air handler together and it is located outside either on the ground or on your roof. If this is the type of system you need, take a closer look at Package System Units. The other type of AC unit is the Split System. While it works the same way, the condenser is located outside, while the air handler is inside, often in a closet. If this is the system you’re looking for, check out the Split System Units we have available.
Step Two – Select your energy source

This is an easy step. Once you’ve selected your AC unit, just choose the form of energy you already have in place for heating. You either have Electric or Gas. If you receive a separate gas bill – or gas is noted on your utility bill – then you have gas. Not sure? Just give our customer care a call at 520-444-8139 and someone will be happy to help you.

Step Three - Select the right size unit for your needs
How large is the space you need to cool? Maybe you only have to replace one of multiple air conditioning units…or maybe you need to cool your entire home or office. Our handy square footage chart below provides an accurate estimate for the tonnage/size AC unit you will need.
Tonnage/Square Footage
 2 Tons – 1,000-1,200sf
2.5 Tons – 1,200-1,400sf
3 Tons – 1,200-1,400sf
3.5 Tons – 1,500-1,700sf
4 Tons – 1,800-2,000sf
5 Tons – 2,100-2,500sf
Don’t worry if you aren’t sure, because every installation includes a pre-install on-site inspection. The installer will confirm and make any changes you may need, including if you will need multiple units for spaces over 2,500 square feet.
Step Four – Select your air conditioning unit

After you’ve confirmed your energy source and size unit, you’ll just select from the quality, reliable – and affordable – air conditioning units we offer for your quote. We’ve made it easy for you to select your unit and check out right online, but if you prefer, you can always call our customer care line to talk to a real person and they can help you walk through every step. Just call us at 520-444-8139 today.

Step Five – Check out and your contractor will contact you
Once you’ve selected the unit that you want, you’ll proceed to our checkout page. After you finalize your purchase, our licensed installation contractor will contact you to set up your appointment. Yes, has made it that simple, just like buying anything online.

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