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More Tips to Prepare Your AC Unit for Summer

Now that we are into April and will start seeing 90 degree and above temperatures, it will soon be time for the AC unit to run around the clock to keep your house cool. Right now, the AC may only kick on a few times a day in the afternoon so there is not a lot of load being put on it. But that will soon change as we get into May and start seeing 100 degree and above days.

Check Your Thermostat

It might seem obvious but sometimes depending on the type of thermostat you have they may stop working. Some thermostats use batteries and if they are bad, then the thermostat won’t work properly. To check, turn on your AC and turn the air down. You should here the system kick on in a few seconds. If it does not turn on, look at the panel and see if there are any indicators blinking. If it is a battery-operated unit, there will be a flashing battery icon showing up if the battery is dead or low on charge. If that is the case, open the unit and replace the battery. You may have to reprogram the thermostat when done. If you don’t feel comfortable doing this, then it’s time to call for an AC technician to come out and assist you. While they are there, they can check the rest of the system for you. It’s best to have to call an AC tech now before the summer when they are extremely busy and can charge a lot more for service calls.

Replace Your AC Filter

One of the most overlooked items on your AC system is the simple air filter. Many service calls to homes where the AC has quit working are the result of a very dirty air filter. If they become so dirty air no longer flows through them, the AC unit will not run and shuts off. You should change your air filter no less than once every 2 or 3 months depending on how dirty it is.

Clean the Outside Unit

Since the outside unit is exposed to the elements and the fins can get dirty which will decrease their efficiency in eliminating heat, you should spray them with a hose to remove the dirt. Be careful since the fins are delicate and if they are really dirty, you might consider having an AC technician do a full cleaning where they actually wash and brush the fins. You can brush them yourself but make sure you use a brush that won’t damage the fins.

Upgrade Your AC System

If you have an older system, every year the new ac units that are made are more efficient that the older models. If you have an old system that was put in before the year 2005, chances are it a 10 or 11 seer and not very efficient. New AC units must be 14 seer or better now so they can really make a difference in your utility bill. If you’re looking for a price, try our Online New AC Unit Quote to get a price with install.

Check Your Home for Energy Efficiency

Make sure your home is sealed correctly not leaking cool air to the outside. New under door sweeps can help a lot in not only keeping in the cold air, but also keeping out the insects. It can really help to keep your house cool if you apply solar film to the windows and then to go further apply solar screens to the outside. The use of both a film and screen can reduce the heat in the room by 10 degrees or more. This helps because your AC unit will not kick on as often if the house doesn’t heat up as fast as it did prior to adding the screen and film. The less time your AC is running and the fewer times if starts up are what will help reduce your monthly utility bill.

More Tips to Prepare Your AC Unit for Summer
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