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New AC Unit Financing

How Do I Get AC Unit Financing?

Maybe it woke you up in the middle of the night.

Maybe it was when you walked through your front door at the end of a busy day.

However it happened – it hit you square in the face. That stifling heat told you something was very wrong – your AC Unit stopped working! After opening windows and turning on every fan you can find, you face the reality that you have to get a new air conditioning system. The next obvious question…

How am I going to afford this?

No matter what your financial situation is, purchasing a new AC unit is a major expense. It’s not one of those items covered in homeowner’s insurance. Tying up all the room on your credit card isn’t a great idea – even if you have that kind of credit available. That means that most likely, it’s a cost that comes out of your own pocket. But you could be looking at anywhere from $3000 – $10000 depending on the size and type of system you have!

 What are your options?

You could apply for a Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) but that takes time. Remember nothing ever fails while you’re NOT using it, so if your AC Unit needs to be replaced, it’s hot and you need relief right away.

And, what if you get turned down? There are a lot of circumstances that can prevent you from getting a traditional HELOC from a bank.

Financing directly through a third party can often be the best option available. Online air conditioning system company offers you a variety of financing options depending on your unique needs and circumstances. offers:

  • Instant quotes so you know how much financing you need
  • Immediate access to apply for financing now
  • Nearly ten different lending options
  • ZERO down financing
  • 24/7 support and chat access for all your AC Unit questions, including financing

 Add in a Tax Credit

While you’re selecting the system that is the best fit for you, you may be considering an update to a more energy efficient model. It’s important that you know there are federal tax credits (25C tax credits) available for energy efficient upgrades to your home and those credit programs were recently extended through the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2018.

The great thing about tax credits (versus deductions) is that the credit amount is applied directly to the amount of tax you owe! Before you count on any tax credit, please check with a tax professional to be sure your equipment qualifies and that you’ve completed IRS form 5695 to submit with your complete tax return.

Here’s a quick look at some of the HVAC types equipment that qualify for an energy tax credit:

  • Central Air Conditioning: $300
  • Air-source Heat Pumps: $300
  • Gas, propane or oil boiler (including installations costs): $150
  • Natural gas, propane or oil furnace: $150

For full details and information on equipment specifications, please visit the government’s Energy Star website.

You should note that there is a $500 cap on the credit a single household can receive. However, if you are considering an HVAC system that uses alternative energy (solar or geothermal), you may be eligible for up to 30% tax credit with no cap.

Save Time and Money with a One-Stop Online Company

Despite the fact that your AC Unit just failed and has to be replaced, your life has to keep moving. You have work and family commitments that make shopping for a new central air conditioning system difficult at best.

Do you really want to spend hours searching for a local HVAC contractor and leaving messages, then just hoping someone calls you back and has the time to give you a bid? Everything can be done online these days, including purchasing and financing a new AC Unit.

Visit our instant online ac quote and start shopping now.

  • The easy to answer, step-by-step questions will help you select the best AC unit for your home.
  • Then it’s just a matter of applying for easy financing that suits you – including zero-down options.
  • After your purchase, a pre-approved, vetted professional HVAC installer will call you to schedule the on-site visit and ensure everything is in order.
  • Any questions can be answered by our 24/7 AC Specialists via online chat or phone call.

Having to purchase a new air conditioning system is stressful enough.

How to finance your new AC unit should not be one of your worries.

Check out our new ac unit financing programs.


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