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One Step to Combat Allergies for Apache Junction, Arizona Residents

Maybe you remember when Arizona was considered the ideal place for people who suffer with seasonal allergies. Not so much anymore. In fact, many Arizona residents, including those living in Apache Junction, suffer from what is now called ‘the Arizona Nose’. The desert climate combined with lots of imported plants and greenery have caused too many residents to suffer seasonal allergies. The warmer the spring weather, the sooner everything blooms…including allergies. Symptoms include a never-ending headache, runny nose, congestion and sinus drainage.

Is there any way to stop annoying allergies?

While there is no way to truly prevent all allergies, there is something Apache Junction homeowners can do to minimize the impact and symptoms of seasonal allergies. While you can’t really control what’s growing and blooming outside, the biggest step you can take is to improve the air quality inside your home.

The answer is in your central air system!

If you’ve been opening your windows for ‘fresh air’ it’s time to close them and run your air conditioning system. Open windows mean allergens can freely enter your house and that’s not helping you. First, be sure your AC unit is clean and running up to speed! Replace your system’s air filter – and be sure you use a new HEPA filter if one is available for your AC unit. Then, let your AC unit fan run for 24-hours with the doors and windows closed. This will do a lot to capture all those pesky pollen dust particles floating in the air.

If you don’t have a working air conditioner, or it’s not working the way it should, it may be time for a change. When you find yourself in the market for an air conditioning system replacement, it’s a great opportunity to get a more energy efficient model. That means you can save money on your energy bill, stay comfortable all spring and summer, and sneeze a lot less.

We know buying a new AC unit in Apache Junction can be confusing…and expensive. It’s hard to know who to call, who to trust and how to be sure you’re getting the best deal with your new AC unit. If you need some reliable advice as well as an opportunity to save thousands, contact and speak to one of your AC Specialists. We even offer a zero down financing options to help make your purchase possible.

Meanwhile, here are a few extra tips to fight those allergies:

  • Put allergy dust covers on your mattress and pillows
  • Remove any feather pillows and comforters that can exacerbate allergies
  • Keep your pets clean and brushed to reduce dander and allergens they brought in from outside
  • Use a vacuum with a HEPA filter to keep your air as clean as possible
One Step to Combat Allergies for Apache Junction, Arizona Residents
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