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Questions to Ask When Buying a New Home AC Unit

Five Questions to Ask When Buying a New Home AC Unit

When it comes to buying a new Home AC Unit, there are a number of things to consider. If you’ve even started searching around for the price of one of those new AC units, chances are the prices have varied widely. The end result is if you’re not an HVAC contractor, you can easily feel overwhelmed – and that’s just on the pricing!

It shouldn’t be so hard to figure out what you need and if you’re getting a good deal on the unit and installation. So, here are five things you should ask (and know the answer to) before you buy your new home AC Unit:

  1. Do you even need a new AC unit?

Unless you’re installing an AC unit in a new home or remodeled area, then you probably have an existing AC unit. So, how do you know if you really need to replace it? Sometimes an air conditioning system just needs a top-level, professional service to get it back to keeping you cool. Whether it’s a hidden leak or a problem with your blower motor, you need an HVAC contactor you can trust to check it out. Contact and speak to one of our AC Care Specialists. They will help you determine the best options for you and connect you with a reliable technician in your area to inspect your system.

  1. How do you know what size of AC unit you need?

If you’re replacing an existing system, most likely you’ll get the same size. However, if you are dealing with a remodel or feel that unit you have is not cooling enough, it may mean a larger size. The size (or tonnage) or a new home AC unit is simply based on the square footage of your home. Here’s a quick chart to help you:

Square Footage                 Tonnage/Size

600-800sf                         1.5 Tons

800-1,000sf                       2 Tons

1,000-1,200sf                    2.5 Tons

1,200-1,400sf                     3 Tons

1,500-1,700sf                    3.5 Tons

1,800-2,000sf                    4 Tons

2,100-2,500sf                    5 Tons

After 2500 square feet, you’re probably going to need multiple units. This chart gives you a good starting point for information. However, a professional installer should review everything before finalizing your order – just to be sure you’re getting what you need.

  1. Who should install your new AC unit?

When you’re hiring a contractor or tradesperson to do work in your home, it’s not uncommon to wonder how you can be sure that the company or person you’re hiring is qualified, professional, reliable and bonded. When you’re making your calls, use these tips to guide you and put you at ease:

  • Be up front. Are you looking for someone to supply and install your new home AC unit, or just install equipment you’re buying elsewhere? Contractors often provide specific services. So, if what you need isn’t a service they offer, better to know right away before arranging for someone to visit your home and give you an estimate (which should be free!)
  • Ask for a referral. One of the best ways to find reliable service is by hiring a contractor that someone you know has dealt with before. Ask friends and neighbors, because if you find someone who has personal experience with an HVAC pro…they can give you specific feedback and recommendations.
  • Search Online It’s a good starting point to see who in your area offers the service you need. If you find someone this way, be sure to check references BEFORE scheduling any estimate appointment. And, as with any bid, don’t commit to anything without a written estimate.
  • Call a company you can trust. com was started because our owner experienced the frustration of buying his own new home AC unit. That’s why our company provides AC care specialists who can walk you through the entire process and help you get just the new home AC Unit you need…and arrange for professional, local installation.
  1. Why is buying your new AC unit online is a smart move?

Sure, you can call around to your local HVAC companies and wait for them to get back to you, but online will save you time and money! You get a wide selection of equipment at wholesale prices. You can select the system that is the best fit for you, not just the unit a HVAC contractor is currently selling. And, you can get the level of customer service that is right for you – via online chat, on the phone, or schedule a local, qualified installer for an on-site visit. And, if your need is immediate, an online company with 24-hour support, like, means no one has to wait until a company is open for business.

  1. How do you know if you’re getting a good deal?

We know buying a new home AC unit is a major expense and it’s typically being installed in a major investment – your home. So, you really want to be sure you’re getting the best deal – which means a quality product with professional support at the best price. On average, you can expect to pay anywhere from $3,000 up to $10,000. The range is wide because there are a lot of variables. That’s why we’ve provided these tips to help you gather the information you need to make the best choice for your home. 

With these five tips – you’re ready to by your new home AC unit. Get your online AC quote to get started.

Questions to Ask When Buying a New Home AC Unit
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