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Ready to Buy a New AC Unit? What are Your Options?

When you live in Chandler, Arizona having some kind of air conditioning system is more a necessity than a luxury. That being said, there are several options available depending on your home’s needs and your budget. In order to make the best decision and purchase, it’s important that you have as much information as possible. Here are six of the most common air conditioning choices – along with the Pros and Cons of each option:

Portable Air Conditioning

This AC unit is becoming more popular and more affordable. It is typically on wheels and works much like a dryer vent, so the hot air must travels through a host and the flexible vent is secured to an open window. It comes with a tub to collect condensed water, like a dehumidifier.

PROS – It can easily be moved from room to room. That means you can keep your living room or home office cool during the day and your bedroom at night. A great option if you want only one unit and need flexibility.

CONS – They can be awkward to move around, and you have to have the right kind of windows in every room where you use it. While being able to cool different rooms is nice, you can only cool one small space with one unit.

Window-Mounted Air Conditioning

These affordable units are somewhat portable, but tend to be semi-permanently fixed into a single or double-hung window. They have accordion-like wings to block the rest of the open window and create a seal to keep the cool air inside.

PROS – Window units are a great price for those on a tight budget. They also work well when you really only need to cool a single room or small area.

CONS – These units are often very noisy and can freeze up due to over working in the really hot weather. Additionally, these can be a security concern especially on ground floors.

Through-the-Wall Air Conditioning

This option is very similar to a window unit but is install through a cut opening in an exterior wall, rather than a window. They are often installed high on the wall to cool a wider area and can include sleeves to create a tight fit.

PROS – This is an affordable option for those who cannot use window units. They are less noisy than window units.

CONS – They are permanently fixed in place and can create cold air drafts during colder weather. They can only cool a small area or single room.

Central Air Conditioning

This option is the most common as it cools an entire home (or building) through ductwork and vents placed in every room. It is sometimes called a split-system as the condenser unit is located outside and the air handler (or furnace) is located inside.

PROS – Once installed in is an affordable way to keep your entire home cool. This is a great option when you need to cool more than just one room. It does the best job of keeping your whole home comfortable.

CONS – The until is a much more expensive purchase and must be professionally installed. If your home does not have any existing duct work, this may not be an option for you.

Ductless Air Conditioning

Like a split or central air system, this option does have a small condensing unit outside, with the wall or ceiling mounted blower inside. It does a good job of cooling a single room or small area.

PROS – These units are more secure than portable or window units, as well as being quieter and more efficient. They are less expensive than a central air system and the direction of the blower can be adjusted.

CONS – While more efficient than a window unit, they will still only cool a single room or area.

Packaged Air Conditioning

This option attaches to and uses ductwork through the home, but the entire system is in one large cabinet. In other words, it does not have an outside condenser. It comes as an air conditioner only or include a heat source.

PROS – This option can save space. If you don’t have lots of indoor room, it can be placed outside – on the ground or on the roof. Having everything in one place also make servicing easier.

CONS – While servicing is easier, having everything outside creates more opportunity for damage due to weather and debris. Also, if you opt for placing the unit on your roof it is not visually very appealing.

Are you confused yet? While it’s great to have a lot of information, buying a new air conditioning replacement system can be daunting. If you have more questions than answers, or just want some professional guidance, can help. Our AC Care Specialists can help you determine the best options for you and provide financing information when you’re ready to purchase. We also help you connect with the most reliable and professional installers in Chandler Arizona.

Ready to Buy a New AC Unit? What are Your Options?
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