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Springtime Tips to Prepare Your AC for the Arizona Summer

In Arizona, the winters are short so around March is the time to start thinking about preparing your AC unit for the coming summer.

Here are some tips that can help to keep your AC working during the hot summer months.

1. Change your ac filters. This simple task is something many people neglect and running your AC with a dirty filter restricts the air flow and puts a larger strain on your AC system which may end up shutting it down if the filter is dirty enough. In AZ, with the dusty conditions, depending on the filter you buy changing it every 2 or 3 months is a sound strategy.

2. Have the unit checked out by a reputable AC company. Most all of them will run springtime specials for AC tune ups. These are reliable, inexpensive and they will make sure you AC system is ready for the summer by checking your coolant levels, cleaning the outside condenser and giving your system a thorough inspection.

3. If your system is old and you have been thinking about replacing it, now is the time to get a new ac unit. You can get better deals when the weather is not as hot. Once the weather gets hot, the valley’s AC install crews get extremely busy and this drives up the cost.

4. Consider changing your thermostat to a digital model that allows you to set the range for when the air will turn on or off. For example, if you have your air set at 78 degrees, some thermostats will allow you to set a swing range so that temperature can vary by a set amount. If you set it at a 4-degree swing, then at the 78-degree setting, the air would kick on when it reached 80 degrees and stay on until the temp got down to 76 degrees. This means your AC won’t be starting up and shutting down as often. The start up process is what puts most the wear on a unit over time. Also, starting up consumes a lot of the power usage you see so less startups mean it uses less power.

These are just a few things you can do to prepare your home AC unit for the coming Arizona summer.

If you have a unit that is 15 years or older, before the heat sets in is the best time to buy. You can find better deals when the demand for the AC is lower than during the hot summer months. There is nothing worse than having your air go out when it’s 110 outside.

At, you can get an online AC quote with no sales pressure. Find the unit that is right for you and then purchase on line with installation included. If you need assistance, our friendly AC specialists are here to help.

Springtime Tips to Prepare Your AC for the Arizona Summer
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