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Buy a New AC Unit Online in Tucson and Save up to 50%

Even though Tucson does not get as hot during the summer as the Phoenix area, it still is hot enough so that having an AC go out can cause major distress.

Tucson has over ½ million in population and is growing. New home sales and older homes needing new AC units keep the HVAC companies busy during the hot summer months.

Unfortunately, you will find as you call around to different AC companies for prices, they don’t really want to quote you unless they come to your home and then the quotes can very from 5K and up depending on the company. Larger more well-known companies will tend to charge the higher prices.

During the hot season, AC companies know that most people won’t get quotes since the house is so hot there is an urgency to get the AC running as soon as possible. Now, with a click of the mouse Tucson home owners can get an instant online quote for a fully installed new AC system without the added sales pressure to upgrade. Once the quote is given, home owners can purchase right on line and within an hour a AC specialist will call to set a time to come out and assure the right system was ordered and then setup the installation.

All our installation crews are licensed and bonded so you can rest assured the installation is being done by a professional.

Order Your New AC Unit Online

With our streamlined quote and shopping process, we have made it very easy for you to get the best deal on a new air conditioner.

  1. To get started, you first select what type of dwelling the new unit is going into. Either a Residential, Mobile Home or Commercial
  2. Then, you select the type of system you currently have. It will be either split system or packaged system.

Split systems are the types that have a compressor unit on the outside of the house, and then the air handler is located either in the attic, garage or a closet.

Packaged systems have both the air handler and compressor all together and typically located on the roof, but they can be on the ground depending on the home.

If you need help figuring out what type of system you have, you can call our friendly AC specialists at 520-444-8139 to help guide you through the process.

  1. Once you have selected your system type, then you select the heat source. If your current system used natural gas for heating, then select gas otherwise select electric.
  2. Next, you select the size of your home to get the correct tonnage.

You are then shown a Best Value, Silver and Gold option for your new Tucson ac unit.

  1. Select the unit you would like, add to cart and check out.

Within the hour, you will be contacted to setup an inspection and then schedule the install.

It’s that simple. No more calling around from vendor to vendor and getting quotes up to 50% higher than you get online with

Shop and Save on a New AC Unit Tucson Today!

Split AC Unit

Split AC Unit

A split AC unit has a condenser that is on the outside of the home and an air handler that is inside the home either in an attic, garage or closet.

Packaged AC Unit

Packaged AC Unit

A Packaged AC Unit has both the air handler and condenser all together in a single unit and is placed outside on the home roof or on the ground.

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Professional & expedient service!

Excellent value & knowledge of units with superior installation. Definitely a great experience using this organization over other companies.

Shannon Cardea

Great Service

Would highly recommend to anyone needing a new ac unit. Really liked how i was able to compare units and pricing on their website myself and on my own time without feeling like i was getting ripped off by a tech paid on commision. Was nice being able to get a quote online without having to wait around for a tech to show up.

Bret Balcerzak

Great experience and highly recommend.

I had a 20 year old unit that needed to be replaced and was getting quotes as high as $15000. I did an online quote with central air and got a quote for less than $5000.

Their installer came out the next day and installed my new unit with no problems.

Guy P

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